May 4th 20h15 to D’A
D’A film festival

With the myth as an engine, Penelope unfolds in an imposing landscape as an elliptical and twilight version of Homer’s Odyssey, as intimate as it is absorbing.
Penelope is called Carme and is the dressmaker of a small town in the interior of Catalonia. She has sewn and unstitched the threads of a whole town.
It has the character of a hard but heartfelt generation.
She waits but in an active and not at all nostalgic way.

Ulises, Ramon de la Nissa, returns to town after years of absence. A final journey, the meaning of which, beyond the experience, is the return to a homeland and a way of life that will be extinguished with them.


PENÈLOPE . 2018 . Direction  Eva Vila Purtí . V.O. Catalán . Duration 89 min.

Formato 4K . Producción ARAKI FILMS – POLAND STUDIO – Televisió de Catalunya , CCMA, S.A con el apoyo de EURIMAGES, ICEC y ICAA Protagonistas Carme Tarté Vilardell, Ramon Clotet Sala . Guión- Pep Puig, Eva Vila . Director de Fotografía Julián Elizalde . Sonido directo Eva Valiño, Amanda Villavieja . Diseño de Sonido Juan Sánchez ‘Cuti’, Radoslaw Ohnio . Música  Juan Sánchez ‘Cuti’ Cantante-Alejandra Barber . Voz Anna Subirana . Montaje Diana Toucedo, Eva Vila . Producción Ejecutiva Monika Derenda, Jordi Ambròs, Eva Vila . Producción Delegada Anton Calleja, Jordi Balló, Elisa Plaza . Dirección de Producción Sandra García , Gisela Cano, Sonosoles Galindo